LONGKAI is an integrated company with a 20-year history in international production and trade. Through honesty, diligence and ambition, LONGKAI has grown rapidly. It now owns subsidiaries in a variety of industries including manufacturing, import/export, real estate, property management and business management. LONGKAI continually strives to provide outstanding services and products to customers across the globe with a philosophy driven by entrepreneurship and innovation.

LONGKAI has deep experience in every aspect of the product creation cycle including research, development, manufacturing and export. Its primary exports include outdoor products, recreational products, fishing equipment, toys and gifts. The LONGKAI R&D facility is home to veteran technicians and advanced production and test equipment to ensure compliance with EN-71 and ASTMF963 international standards. A commitment to service and quality has allowed its foreign trade team to grow and mature, to better serve customers and encourage 15% compound growth year after year.

In recent years, LONGKAI has shifted focus towards property development and management in a joint venture with Red Star Macalline Business Management. Together, LONGKAI and Rest Star Macalline have developed 200,000 square meters of commercial space in the Ningbo Hi-Tech Park. The retail space has brought large retail brands together to form a unique all-in-one shopping, entertainment and dining experience. LONGKAI is looking ahead to form partner relationships with investors for future projects. Later this year, LONGKAI's new business development and management team will be actively searching for development partners for a new commercial real estate project in the heart of the Yinzhou District.